Day One: Failed 7km Run

  • Dinner: Birds Eye fish & McCain Rustic chips, with Harry Ramsden tinned mushy peas.

Body Pics:

day oneday one

Mind Drawings:

day one

Before: Felt lazy and unhappy. My foot injury is stopping me exercising. Spent an hour lazing in bed, before I got it together.

During: Couldn’t run for the whole distance: my shoes were still wet from Sunday’s race, and my clothes choice was bad. Felt very frustrated with having to walk most of the 7km I did.

After: One run doesn’t fix everything, I still was unproductive and inefficient today. Though it did help. A glass of Matcha will help though.

  1. Body – Felt good to get some oxygen after 2 days of idleness, but my body is still recovering after a half marathon. Tomorrow should be better. Feeling full of stogy food.
  2. Mind: Frazzled, too much time at a computer being distracted and not doing much.
  3. Productivity: Started this project, which is good. Everything is crappy today.

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